Frequently Asked Questions

My family member can create a home video of our family, how is Gen2Gen Media different?

Many people have the desire to capture their family's story but they don't have the camera skills, the time, or the proper video and editing equipment. In addition, we are experienced in the art of storytelling, video production, and possess essential interviewing skills to plan and produce a quality documentary. In addition, we are truly passionate about capturing your family’s unique story. It is our mission to preserve your family’s legacy and we believe we are uniquely qualified to create that special memoir for you.

Are you a genealogist?

No, we are not however, we can refer you to genealogists in your area. If you already have a written family history, we will work with you to include that information in your family’s video memoir.

What kind of questions will you ask during the interview?

You’ve already written the story of your life, our job is to capture your thoughts about significant moments, special people, childhood experiences, places, even valuable lessons learned. Then, we’ll present all of your content in a way that is memorable, illuminating, and entertaining. We will talk with you and/or family members before the video-taped interview to ensure we are capturing the stories and other information that’s most important to you and your family.

There are some sad stories and a few skeletons in our family history, how do you plan to cover that in the interview?

Your interview and those of every family member will be conducted sensibly and with the greatest sensitivity. You can decide to include or omit anything of your choosing from your family video. It’s your memoir. We understand that some things you may choose to include may be painful or difficult to recount and we will work to make sure every family member feels comfortable during the interview process. And you will have the option to change your mind. During the edit process, if you decide you would prefer to omit something that was previously shared, we can simply edit that information from the final video. We value your privacy.

Do you travel?

Yes, we do travel. However, please note that the additional expense for travel is included in the cost of your memoir package. We are happy to work with you to keep any expenses for travel to a minimum.

How much does a video biography cost?

Pricing for a Gen2Gen video memoir depends on a number of factors including the type of Gen2Gen Story selected, the length of filming time, the amount of existing video footage in your video, the number of photos and other documents you choose to include, the number of edit revisions, and of course the total length of your final video.

Please contact us today for a memoir estimate. We are able to work within most budgets.